Research shows 69% of global employees are suffering from or at significant risk of chronic disease. Medical costs, productivity loss and ultimately attrition, adds up to a huge cost globally.

As a result, organisations are spending on corporate wellbeing, However, most solutions lack measurable matrix, health outcomes and fall at the very first hurdle of employee engagement.

Empeal is a SaaS based digital health company providing global organisations and their employees with ways to improve employee health outcomes, engagement, saving costs and increasing productivity by implementing effective cloud based employee health programmes.

Our platform provides:

  • Assessment combining medical, nutrition, lifestyle behaviour and personal goals data.
  • Use unique algorithms based on Functional Medicine and WHO models to deliver highly personalised Nutrition, Lifestyle and behavioural change strategies for prevention and management of chronic health conditions.
  • Gamified platform gives access to individual contents and targets, rewards, team challenges and health coaches.
  • Real time analytics for individuals and organisations ensuring data privacy to show continuous improvement for individuals and BI for organisations.

We also Partner up:

Insurance Sector

Our platform gathers data from interactive questionnaires, wearables and other integrated technologies, which helps in suggesting effective solutions for health improvement, ultimately helping in reduction of claims in the long term. Better insights will also help insurance companies package more relevant customised plans/packages for clients. Please contact us[SD1] to take part in feasibility study to show how embedding Empeal into insurance offerings can help.

HR Solution Companies

Human Resoures have become a value driver for an organisation vs. transactional roles in the past. As a result they need data to make the informed recommendations for the improvement of teams. Productivity and presenteeism are elusive words that are difficult to measure yet modern living is giving rise to issues for employees, which leads to the same. An organisation can give their employees tools to empower them to improve their health discretely in their own time yet get the anonymised BI to implement the right strategies. We help HR Solution providers to add value for their clients by integrating Empeal in their offering.